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I was driving to work one day and the roads were bad. It had snowed a little earlier in the morning and left the roads very slick. I was taking my time and trying to get to work safely. I went around a turn that was really bad and another car hit me. They were going way too fast and the accident wasn’t my fault. This accident caused my car to be totalled and left me with some injuries. It wasn’t necessary to go to the hospital by ambulance and I decided I would get a ride there from a friend of mine.

On the way to the hospital, my friend told me I should contact a personal injury lawyer to help me. She said she had another friend that was in an accident and called them from the hospital and they met her there. She wasn’t sure of the name of them and sent a text to her friend asking her. Her friend quickly responded to say that she hired McLeish Orlando and highly recommends them because they are the best Toronto personal injury lawyers.

I looked up their number and called them while I was waiting at the hospital to see a doctor. They told me they could meet me there or I could stop by their office when I was done at the hospital. I told them that would work just fine because I wasn’t sure how long I would be there.

My injuries weren’t extreme, however I could feel some pain in my neck and back. The doctor I spoke to told me to watch it and make an appointment with my regular doctor in the morning.

I stopped by the lawyers office and told them what was going on. I let them know that I was having some pain but I had to call my doctor in the morning. They suggested that I have an MRI done and x-rays to make sure the emergency room didn’t miss anything.

I called my doctor the next day and got the testing set up when I went in. They showed minor bruising and strain on my neck and back. I let the law firm know and I told them I wanted to hire them to help me.

Proved to be the best Toronto personal injury lawyers McLeish Orlando ready to serve you in your area. They were able to get the money to take care of the car that I totaled and also the medical bills I incurred. I missed an entire week of work because of this accident and they were able to get money for that as well. I am glad my friend told me about them because they were so great to work with. They worked quickly and got me the money fast. I was able to buy a new car with the money I got and luckily I didn’t have any long term injuries which sped up the process.